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Preval Sprayer

Designed for use with any paint or stain.  No air compressor needed for convenience.

$7.50  $6.75

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Leather Dye - Automotive Colors

Leather Renew Automotive Dye offers a tough, durable, natural look and feel, flexible coating for leather.  It's professional grade and made to use on smooth leathers such as automobile interiors. 


$14.99  $13.49

Leather Dye - Standard Colors

Leather Renew Standard Color Dye - Choose from 43 standard colors

$13.99  $12.59

Leather Dye - Furniture Colors

Leather Renew Furniture Dye - choose from 63 furniture colors

$13.99  $12.59

Suede Nubuck Leather Protectant

Help protect your Suede and Nubuck leather from stains!

$6.99  $6.29

Leather Lotion/Conditioner

Keep your leather soft and hydrated with Leather Renew's Leather Lotion.

$5.99  $5.39

Leather Clear Coat

Protect the finish of your smooth leather against stains (not for use on Suede or Nubuck leather)

$5.99  $5.39


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