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Preval Sprayer

Designed for use with any paint or stain.  No air compressor needed for convenience.


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Leather Dye - Automotive Colors

Leather Renew Automotive Dye offers a tough, durable, natural look and feel, flexible coating for leather.  It's professional grade and made to use on smooth leathers such as automobile interiors. 



Leather Dye - Standard Colors

Leather Renew Standard Color Dye - Choose from 43 standard colors


Leather Dye - Furniture Colors

Leather Renew Furniture Dye - choose from 63 furniture colors


Suede Nubuck Leather Protectant

Help protect your Suede and Nubuck leather from stains!


Leather Lotion/Conditioner

Keep your leather soft and hydrated with Leather Renew's Leather Lotion.


Leather Clear Coat

Protect the finish of your smooth leather against stains (not for use on Suede or Nubuck leather)



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