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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you with your restoration project.

A: We use the same pigment dyes and topcoats used at many tanneries, therefore your re-colored leather is expected to last as long or longer than brand new leather. Of course, the amount of use it gets is a major factor.

A: You can expect great results with our repairs kits, our step by step instructions make it as easy as 1,2,3.

A: Of course it varies depending on usage and how dirty it gets. For couches, chairs and auto interiors that are not real dirty, once a quarter should be good.

A: Most scratches can be filled with several applications of our dye and topcoat. We use a filler on deeper scratches and small holes and will be virtually undetectable.

A: The fresher the ink stain is, the better your chances are of getting it out. Our spot remover is the strongest cleaner that you can use on leather without harming the finish. If you cannot remove the stain with our spot remover, you will have to cover it with color.

A: You can try to remove the mark with laquer thinner. Try rubbing some on a spot that doesn't show so you can see how the leather finish will react and so you will know how hard you can rub before the finish begins to come off. It may not be possible to remove the mark without removing some of the finish also. If this is the case, you can remove the mark and then touch up the leather with the leather dye that most closely matches your current finish using our Repair Kit.

A: From our experience with cat scratches you may want to try the following before you attempt to use a leather filler. The reason is that before you know it your whole couch/chair will be covered in filler: Get some 1000 grit wet sand paper (at a local hardware store) and an empty spray bottle. Put water in the spray bottle. Spray water on one of the scratches. Cut a 4" x 4" square out of the sheet of paper and fold it in half. Sand the scratch with the 1000 grit paper until the burrs (tears) are gone and the surface is smooth do not be afraid to apply a good amount of pressure while sanding. If this works well on one scratch go ahead and do the rest. You might even go to a rougher paper like 360 grit. It will be tedious and you may have to re-color the furniture but this is worth a try to make it look better than it does now.

A: Your color is 6691 light neutral. Best results are achieved when you refinish entire seats. Since leather gains a patina with age, we recommend that you re-color both front seats if you think that only one needs refinishing. In this way, your seats will look brand new without a slight color mismatch from one seat to another due to the patina. You will need to order the re-coloring kit which contains enough material to re-color your entire interior.

A:Our products are great for refinishing leather. You can probably get by with ordering our repair kit since your project is a small one.

A: You can try our leather care kit but the leather may have to be re-colored. In that case, you can use our repair kit or if you want to re-color the entire chair use the furniture re-coloring kit. It has enough material to do the job.

A: You should try our combo kit. It has everything you need to restore leather finish in a multitude of colors along with a complete leather care package.

A:Yes, actually you can refinish your boots and purse in their original color or any color of your choosing and make them look brand new.

A: The kit works great on it's own but two items we might recommend for enhanced results. Bond aide to improve adhesion qualities and flat aide if you have the need for a flatter finish. The automotive finishes are somewhat flat or satin in appearance. Flex and slip are used more for furniture applications.

A: It doesn't sound like a deep scratch. More likely you just scratched the finish off. Order 4 oz. of colorant, paper strainer and a foam brush from our a la carte page. Add some crack filler if you think the scratch is deeper into the leather.

A: Any automotive black will do. You will need an auto recoloring kit and an extra 8 ounces of colorant. 4 ounces covers up to 24 square feet (about the size of one bucket seat). We recommend getting bond aide to improve adhesion qualities for your application.

A: You need to pull the seats out so that you can get the access that you need to cover the areas. If you weren't changing colors, you wouldn't need to pull the seats.