" I tried your product on a worn area of the Recaro seat in my Porche Carrera 911 and I am very impressed. It was easy to apply, and I can not even tell where I made the repair as it was a perfect match. I am meticulous about this car. Leather Renew saved me over $100.00 below what the repair shop wanted to do the same work, and I did it in less than one hour! I also have plenty of product left over so I can do future touch-ups. Thanks Leather Renew! "
Michael Rishwain Stockton, California

" I just wanted to tell you how awesome this product is. I have re-finished my leather furniture, car seats, hand bags, and shoes. My car seats had cracks and now they look new! (Over 10 years old!). I love it! Thanks so much for a great product! "
Marie Duffie Greenwood, South Carolina

" I just wanted to let you know that the replacement bottle you sent was a perfect match. I can barely describe how happy I am with your company. You guys really pulled through with unmatched customer service and a great product. "
Dr. James Garsik

" I am 150% satisfied with your product. When I ordered your products I was a bit leery, but once I used it, I could not believe how nice my BMW seats came out. This product is amazing, and you have saved me hundreds of dollars by my not having to replace the leather in my car. Thank you so much! "
Scott S. South Yarmouth, MA

" I have tried your dye, and at the end of the process, the results are astonishing! The finish dried to a smooth and even color texture! "
T. Kim Leng, Singapore

" I feared I might completely ruin my leather chairs, but I followed your directions religiously, and it turned out to be quite easy! I'm no longer intimidated because your instructions are fail-proof! The job was a bit challenging at first, but the results are incredible! Thank you so much! "
Lola S. Perkiomenville, PA

" I recently purchased your Leather Renew product to refinish the seats in my 1990 Saab. Just wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased I am with your product. The color is right on for my burgundy interior, and the leather has remained soft and nice to the touch. Thanks for having a product that really meets the consumer's expectations. "
Larry Ferguson, Proctorville, Ohio



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Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you with your restoration project. To reveal answers please click on the question.


Q: How do I know when my leather needs to be re-colored?
A: If cleaning your leather with a good leather cleaner does not change the appearance of your leather for the better, then you probably need to recolor it.


Q: How long will the re-coloring last?
A: We use the same pigment dyes and topcoats used at many tanneries, therefore your re-colored leather is expected to last as long or longer than brand new leather. Of course, the amount of use it gets is a major factor.


Q: Are your Kits easy enough to use for the "do-it-yourselfer"?
A: You can expect great results with our repairs kits, our step by step instructions make it as easy as 1,2,3.


Q: How often should I clean and condition my leather?
A: Of course it varies depending on usage and how dirty it gets. For couches, chairs and auto interiors that are not real dirty, once a quarter should be good.


Q: What about scratches and holes in leather?
A: Most scratches can be filled with several applications of our dye and topcoat. We use a filler on deeper scratches and small holes and will be virtually undetectable.


Q: My 3 year old daughter scribbled with a ball point pen our leather couch. What will remove the ink?
A: The fresher the ink stain is, the better your chances are of getting it out. Our spot remover is the strongest cleaner that you can use on leather without harming the finish. If you cannot remove the stain with our spot remover, you will have to cover it with color.


Q: I have a 11/2" long red permanent marker on a leather club chair in my home. The leather is sort of a sanded texture, not quite suede, but not a smooth/hard leather. It is also a light adobe color. What do you suggest?
A: You can try to remove the mark with laquer thinner. Try rubbing some on a spot that doesn't show so you can see how the leather finish will react and so you will know how hard you can rub before the finish begins to come off. It may not be possible to remove the mark without removing some of the finish also. If this is the case, you can remove the mark and then touch up the leather with the leather dye that most closely matches your current finish using our Repair Kit.


Q: I am looking to purchase a product that can cover/repair scratches on my leather living room set. My furniture has gotten extremely scratched up by my 3 cats, and I was hoping to find a product I could apply myself without having to send my furniture to a repair shop.
A: From our experience with cat scratches you may want to try the following before you attempt to use a leather filler. The reason is that before you know it your whole couch/chair will be covered in filler: Get some 1000 grit wet sand paper (at a local hardware store) and an empty spray bottle. Put water in the spray bottle. Spray water on one of the scratches. Cut a 4" x 4" square out of the sheet of paper and fold it in half. Sand the scratch with the 1000 grit paper until the burrs (tears) are gone and the surface is smooth do not be afraid to apply a good amount of pressure while sanding. If this works good on one scratch go ahead and do the rest. You might even go to a rougher paper like 360 grit. It will be tedious and you may have to re-color the furniture but this is worth a try to make it look better than it does now.


Q: We have a buckskin leather sofa which one of our sons spilled a mysterious substance on and left a stain. We had a water-based cleaner for leather which didn't really help. I suspect the stain to be oil base in nature. Is there a product available to use for tougher stains?
A: Our leather care kit has a spot remover in it that may help. It is designed to remove oil based stains.


Q: I have a large wax stain on a light brown leather ottoman made by a large dripping candle. The wax peeled off easily but left a dark oily stain behind. It also hardened the leather some. Do you have advice and a product that could help me get rid of this stain?
A: Our leather care kit has all of the components that have the best chance of fixing your problem. It also contains a waterproofer that, if applied, may have prevented your stain from ever having occurred.


Q: I have a 1988 BMW 735i which is in need of leather repair on the front seats. I had a shop locally try some work on it but all they did was spray the seats with paint which lasted for a while. Is there anything that covers overall and really works outside of recovering the seats?
A: Our products are excellent and will provide the results you are looking for. We can match any color if you send us a sample.


Q: I have a 1994 Cadillac Seville with the very popular neutral leather interior color. The seats are in excellent condition except for three small spots that were discolored somehow. Here are my questions: The color chart refers to a shale color for Cadillacs. Is that the neutual color? I have no idea if I need semi gloss or flat. The leather seams to have a slight shine so is that semi gloss? Do I need to order the complete repair kit even though I do not need to repair any cracks or tears. Do you sell a small amount of the color dye only?
A: Your color is 6691 light neutral. Best results are achieved when you refinish entire seats. Since leather gains a patina with age, we recommend that you re-color both front seats if you think that only one needs refinishing. In this way, your seats will look brand new without a slight color mismatch from one seat to another due to the patina. You will need to order the re-coloring kit which contains enough material to re-color your entire interior.


Q: I own a 90 year old leather screen composed of three panels, each of which is 20" x 60". I want to clean and restore the leather. The leather is light brown with a series of raised embossments of crests and emblems. The embossments have colored areas which I believe are paint or enamel. The three panels have leather hinges which have become stiffened. One of the panels has a dark stain of unknown origin. Otherwise the screen is in pretty fair shape considering its age. Because this is a valuable piece of furniture, I have refrained from experimenting with cleansers and I am concerned about a reaction between chemicals and the colored areas. Please give me the benefits of your experience.
A: It's always more difficult to try to determine an effective treatment when you can't see the piece that is referred to. When leather becomes hard and brittle that can be a sign of dry rot. Dry rot is generally fatal but can be controlled or contained. The best way to contain dry rot is to seal the leather. Before leather is sealed, any mold or fungus should first be destroyed. Any mold or mildew cleaner will work as long as it is removed from the leather once it has done its job with water and a rag. Dry the leather with a towel quickly. Do not dry with high heat. Leather can be sealed using oil, wax or many other methods. Our leather waterproofer provides an excellent seal and protection. The leather care kit that we provide has proven to be gentle on all leather. It has everything you will need to clean and provide protection to your leather screen. We always recommend that you try our products on a portion of the article that is hidden to test for satisfactory results.


Q: I have a 1982 Mercedes Benz 380 SL sports coupe with blue interior. I would like to try to restore the leather seats with your products. The seats have not been taken care of, but do not have any cuts or holes. There are some spots that are cracking, and some spots where the original dye has rubbed off. Can you please recommend what productions that you have that might help me out the best.
A: Our auto re-coloring kit in 522 blue is what you need.


Q: I have an antique, black leather medical bag that I would like to re-do. The insides are in need of new leather and the outside needs refinishing with color. Can you give me any ideas?
A:Our products are great for refinishing leather. You can probably get by with ordering our repair kit since your project is a small one.


Q: I have a 93 lexus ES 300 in what they call ivory. It is more like saddle or light tan to me. It is an original color. The bottoms of the two front seats need to be redyed. There are no true cracks in the leather. However there are cracks in the dye. Can you suggest which of your products would allow me to fix these seats. I am willing to reedy both the backs and bottoms if necessary.
A:You will need to order our Auto re-coloring kit. The kit includes a crack filler that works excellent on the finish cracks that you describe.


Q: Any hope for removing mold and mildew from a leather jacket?
A: You must kill the mold and mildew first. You can do this with regular household bleach diluted with 3 parts water to 1 part bleach. Then, if your finish seems to be in fairly good shape, we recommend that you try our leather care kit to completely clean, condition and stain block the garment. You also get a sample of our spot remover with the kit.


Q: When I cleaned the leather in my Cadillac today I rubbed too hard and took off the color in a couple of places on the front seat. I need help to fix it. I think the interior color is Shale.
A:You are correct, 6985 shale is the color. Try our leather repair kit in shale.


Q: The headrest on a leather chair has been damaged by the oils from the hair and, I was told, by high blood pressure medication coming out through the hair, making the area black, bumpy and hard. Which of your products can I use to remedy this. This maroon leather chair is 3 years old.
A: You can try our leather care kit but the leather may have to be re-colored. In that case, you can use our repair kit or if you want to re-color the entire chair use the furniture re-coloring kit. It has enough material to do the job.


Q: My wife and I have purchased a home. In the basement is a sizable bar area which has a hand carved leather flooring cover. The leather has not been well maintained through the years, but instead of ripping it out and covering with linoleum, we were hoping to see if we could do something to bring it back to what must have been a beautiful condition 60 to 70 years ago. We would like to be able to restore the leather if possible.
A: It's hard to say without looking at your floor what would be best for it. Before you tear it out, maybe you should purchase one of our repair kits to sample the kind of results you might achieve on a larger scale using one of our larger kits. We believe that you will be very impressed with the results of our products and more than likely will decide to continue the project to full completion.


Q: I have a small belt with horse sleigh bells attached and it is very dry.
A: You should try our combo kit. It has everything you need to restore leather finish in a multitude of colors along with a complete leather care package.


Q: I have accidentally spilled spritz on my leather boots and my purse. I have tried Wilson's leather lotion and cleaner and it hasn't worked. Do you think your kit will be able to remove my problem?
A:Yes, actually you can refinish your boots and purse in their original color or any color of your choosing and make them look brand new.


Q: I have a black leather coat that is faded and I would LOVE to restore it. Could I use your product for that?
A: Yes, Leather Renew re-coloring kits work great on all smooth leathers.


Q: I found a burn hole in my driver seat. It's not a large burn and it's not very deep. How can I fix this problem?
A: You can fix it with our leather repair kit.


Q: I have a Harley Davidson motorcycle with black leather saddle bags. Somehow some paint over spray got on them and I was wondering if your product would work on my problem.
A: You can color on top of the overspray with our product, no problem.


Q: I have a 2000 Mercedes-Benz with the "Java" interior that has gotten quite dirty. I have tried other products, but they just seem to make the spot darker. The center portion of the seats are perforated to allow for air flow through the seats. My questions are: Will this be a problem with the perforations? I am planning to do only the front seats as the rears are fine. Should I be able to clean the dark spots, or must I re-color? How difficult is this process?
A: In response to your questions: The holes have a tendency to fill up with colorant. While you are refinishing the seats just keep some sturdy toothpicks handy to keep them cleared out as you go along. Hard to say without seeing the spot but many customers have had surprising results using our leather cleaner, spot remover and conditioners. The process is very simple.


Q: I recently replaced most of my car's interior with much darker charcoal one. There are a few places where I was unable to remove the old tan interior. The parts are vinyl and plastic. Would your dye's work on these surfaces?
A: Our colorants will work excellent for the application that you describe.


Q: I am interested in your Leather Care/Repair Combination Kit. However, I am not comfortable giving my credit card information over the internet will you accept a money order for the exact amount including the shipping.
A: Yes, you can add items to your shopping cart that you want and then just do not go to check out. Simply print the shopping cart form with the item and price information and mail it to us with your payment. Leather Renew, 21912 Mueschke Rd. unit D2, Tomball, Tx. 77377


Q: I have a 1988 Corvette. The problem with that particular year's cars involved the two-piece door panels the seam would separate. The previous owner attempted to seal the split seam with a dark (the leather is dark gray) glue-ish something-or-other. It holds the panels together, but doesn't look good. Do you have anything that would fill the seam, cover the little bit of "over-glue", and make it look reasonable?
A: You can probably get a good fill of the voids created by the previous attempted repair by using our leather crack filler then color over the area with a color matched colorant.


Q: I am getting ready to place an order with you for colorant and crack filler for my 1993 Mazda Miata LE with red leather interior. I am not 100% sure as to whether the finish is matte or semi-gloss. I am guessing that it is matte from reviewing your website. I have a sample that is about 1" wide by 1/2" high. Will you be able to confirm that it is the matte finish?
A: Automotive colors come standard with a satin type finish. There is no need for a top coat and therefore no choice is necessary between semi-gloss or matte.


Q: I have a 1994 corvette with the light beige leather interior. I noticed you have four ala carte items to go along with your leather restoration - bond aid, flex aid, slip agent, and flat aid. Do I need to buy these to get a real good result with your product or will the standard leather restoration kit do? Also, will this be an exact match to my stock leather interior?
A: The kit works great on it's own but two items we might recommend for enhanced results. Bond aide to improve adhesion qualities and flat aide if you have the need for a flatter finish. The automotive finishes are somewhat flat or satin in appearance. Flex and slip are used more for furniture applications.


Q: I have a scratch on my leather steering wheel that I accidentally made with a key. What would I order from you and how would I repair this scratch?
A: It doesn't sound like a deep scratch. More likely you just scratched the finish off. Order 4 oz. of colorant, paper strainer and a foam brush from our a la carte page. Add some crack filler if you think the scratch is deeper into the leather.


Q: I am wanting to dye my light blue leather seat covers black. Solid black, what is the best products you have to keep the color and resist wear? Also, how much for enough to do two bucket seats and a rear bench seat. It is an extended cab Ford F150
A: Any automotive black will do. You will need an auto recoloring kit and an extra 8 ounces of colorant. 4 ounces covers up to 24 square feet (about the size of one bucket seat). We recommend getting bond aide to improve adhesion qualities for your application.


Q: Can I dye the seat in my truck or do I have to take them out to do them.
A: You need to pull the seats out so that you can get the access that you need to cover the areas. If you weren't changing colors, you wouldn't need to pull the seats.